The Michal Sela Forum (NPO) is dedicated to saving lives and combating domestic violence through innovation and technological solutions.

Michal Sela Forum

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The Michal Sela Forum is a registered nonprofit organization established in May 2020 following the murder of the late Michal Sela, with the aim of preventing the next murder.


The forum works to save lives and prevent violence against women through innovation and technology. The forum emphasises "out-of-the-box thinking," personal entrepreneurship, responsibility, public awareness, and broad public awareness of identifying the warning signs for violence in relationships.


The forum promotes interdisciplinary discourse and a new ecosystem of start-ups to prevent violence against women. The forum has succeeded in harnessing senior industry, government, high-tech and counterterrorism experts, and other new players into the domestic violence field.


The forum asks the public to move from a discourse of problems and victims that characterises the field to an innovative discourse of solutions, power and solidarity.


Our target: zero murders a year. Michal Hanoch Achdut, National Inspector of Welfare for domestic violence, said, "There were the times before the murder of Michal Sela and after the murder of Michal sela. The Michal Sela Forum revolutionised.

Saving lives is our mission.

"As Uber disrupted the transportation sector, Airbnb disrupted the tourism industry, and

Facebook disrupted telecommunication, the Michal Sela Forum is disrupting the field of domestic violence”

Adi Sofer Teeni, Facebook Israel CEO

TERROR AT HOME - Fighting Domestic Violence With Innovation And Technology
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