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נבחרת הסטארטאפים של פורום מיכל סלה

The startup team of the Michal Sela Forum

The Michal Sela Forum has launched 10 technological projects to combat violence against women, these projects have matured In the Safe @ Home hackathon from the Michal Sela Forum to mark the birthday of the late Michal Sela on May 18.

The team of these ten startups was selected to take part in "Michal Sela Accelerator" in collaboration with the 8200 Association, and also received free personal mentoring in collaboration with the College of Management.

Our goal at the Michal Sela Forum is to generate a new ecosystem of hundreds of life-saving startups Of women in captivity for violence. Together we will save lives.


MedFlag is a technological solution, enabling early diagnosis of patients exposed to domestic violence in the healthcare system.


HearMe develops a software to help domestic violence bystanders report in an anonymous and confident way, to estimate the severity of the case and recommended actions.

יותר מפעם אחת.jpg

More Than Once is a database of domestic violence abusers.


SoulSavers is a social community that trains people to detect signs of violent relationships, create trust-based communication, and refer to suitable care

Safe and Sound Logo.png

Safe and Sound is a Domestic Violence Prevention App designated for saving lives in real-time emergencies


SafeTalk is a virtual consultant for people who notice a concerning behavioral change in a friend or a family member, and help the user diagnose whether there is a risk and if so, what they can do to help.


StayTuned develops a solution to detect signs of domestic abusive relationships based on active voice triggers and passive audio analysis.


AWARE is a digital tool, built to raise your awareness, that you might be in an abusive relationship.


As leaders in the violence prevention education movement for almost two decades, the NGO El HaLev is now bringing their expertise to the development of an app that will provide resources to those vulnerable to or experiencing abuse and violence. The app will teach personal safety skills and help users develop the confidence to say “NO!”

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 13.56.08.png

WONDER JEWEL is a smart fashion jewelry brand for personal safety.

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