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Michal Sela Canines

Michal Sela Canines is the only long-term, mobile solution in existence for women at extremely high risk of intimate partner violence. The project provides women with a trained protection dog to preserve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, recovering their freedom of movement and control over their lives. Built together with domestic violence experts, legal experts, and experts from elite Israeli security units, this is the only project of its kind in Israel. 

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Women have received  their Michal Sela Canine

A Michal Sela Canine is a lifesaving friend, and beloved family member


Michal Sela Canines save the lives of women and children under threat of IPV. The canines enable them to experience a higher quality of life, security, peace of mind, recovery from trauma, bolstered self-confidence, and greater control over her life and the lives of her children.

The Michal Sela Forum provides the women and the canines with professional, tailored training. Each dog is carefully selected according to very stringent requirements, and must be very social by nature, mentally stable, and physically fit.

The Michal Sela Canines package includes:

•    Acquiring a protection dog for the threatened woman and her children. Each dog is carefully selected to be compatible with the woman and her individual needs.
•    Intensive professional training for 3 months, tailored to each woman individually. 
•    Dog supplies (crate, harness, collar, ball, and muzzle).
•    Dog pension fund.
•    Accompanying research for evaluation and measurement.


This package is provided only for women who do not live with the threatening party, and only to women whose cases are recognized by the police or the welfare department.
* Women admitted to the project receive a protection dog after 3 months of training.


Apply to Michal Sela Canines

Please answer the following questions. The details will be kept private & discreet.

Please note that the project is only provided to women no longer living with the threatening party and only when the case is known to the police or welfare services.

Status of the threatening party
Is the case recognized by the police?
Do you have a steady income
Is the case reported to the Ministry of Welfare?

Please note, you will be asked to submit a document later stating that the case has been reported to the Ministry of Welfare or the police, for example: a restraining order.

Are you currently receiving treatment or emotional support?
Do you live separately from the threatening party?



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