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Michal’s Watch

Michal’s Watch provides free “armor” for women under threat of intimate partner violence. Essentially turning her home into her shelter, the package includes 24/7 security services, self-defense lessons, and a cease and desist letter from a law firm to the threatening party.

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Women are protected


The Michal’s Watch package includes:

  • Installation of a security camera.

  • Installation of a panic button connected to an emergency call center and a 24/7 security patrol.

  • Ten self-defense lessons.

  • A cease and desist letter from a law firm issued to the threatening party as a warning prior to taking legal action.

This package is provided to women who do not live with the threatening partner, and who are recognized by the police or the welfare department.

* Women under threat of IPV who are admitted to the project receive the package free of charge.

Ways to donate

Donate to Michal’s Watch: Every donation helps us save lives.

When making a donation, please specify “For  Michal’s Watch.”

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Money Transfer

Bank Name: Isarel Discount Bank LTD

Branch Number: 0109

Branch Name: Ramat Eshkol


Number IBAN: IL180111090000165645174

Account Currency: New Israeli Shekel

Beneficiary's Name: Forum Michal Sela

Beneficiary's Address: 10 Hezel st. APT 1, Ramat Gan 5227405

Please answer the following questions. Your details will be kept private & discreet.

Please note that the service is provided only to women no longer living with the threatening party, and only to women whose case is known to the police or welfare services.

Apply to Michal's Watch

Status of threatening party
Is the case recognized by the police?
Do you have a steady income
Is the case reported to the Ministry of Welfare?

Please note, in order to receive Michal's Watch, you will be asked to send a document stating that the case has been reported to the Ministry of Welfare or the police, for example: a restraining order.

Are you receiving treatment or emotional support?
Do you live separately from the threatening party?

Your request has been accepted.
The Michal Sala Forum will review your application and will get back to you by email within a few days.


Please Note: Submission of this form does not confirm your acceptance to the project.


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