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נבחרת הסטארטאפים של פורום מיכל סלה

פורום מיכל סלה

Nothing About Us Without Us
A free workshop for women and youth who have emerged from the cycle of domestic violence, to come up with ideas for life-saving technological solutions
Target: Zero femicide per year

"Nothing About Us Without Us" is a unique program that appeals to an audience of women and youth who have experienced violence themselves or to a very close person

(such as a relative ).
As part of the program, professional idea workshops (Ideation) are held in order to come up with ideas for a technological solution that will save the lives of women and children captured in domestic violence.

What do you need? Life experience, desire to bring change in society and creative thinking ability.

The Michal Sela Forum in collaboration with Google Israel, offers free of charge participates in this program.
The workshops are powered by Michal Sela Forum and Google and hosted by Ernst & Young .

The best selected ideas will participate in the yearly Michal Sela Hackathon Safe@Home. The winners will have the chance to get professional business guidance from the best developers at Google for Startups that will make the vision a reality. In addition, you will get an unprecedented opportunity to participate in an award-winning competition, a program to expedite business development and assist with investment processes, international media exposure, and more.

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