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The Michal Sela Rooftop Community 

An exclusive club for

alumni entrepreneurs

of the Michal Sela Startup Academy

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The vision of the Michal Sela Forum is to create a new and international ecosystem of technological startups to save lives and prevent violence against women. Our goal is to help found 100 such startups by 2030. The Rooftop Community is key to achieving our goal.

The Michal Sela Rooftop Community, designed as an exclusive club for alumni entrepreneurs of the Michal Sela Startup Academy, was launched in March 2022.

Rooftop meetups  are  held every other month, to provide a platform for alumni to network, as well as to receive tools and resources to promote their ventures. At each meetup, the Michal Sela Forum provides a guest speaker to inspire and provide practical tips;  in between meetups, alumni receive mentoring and support, are helped with building a business model, and receive guidance with regards to marketing and recruiting investors.


Within the Rooftop Community, fruitful connections are made between  entrepreneurs of the Michal Sela Forum's technological projects cycle, mentors, software engineers, domestic violence experts, academics, lawyers, senior government officials, industry executives, media, and representatives of other organizations that support the technological activity of the Michal Sela Forum.


The Michal Sela Rooftop Community is the next step towards realizing the vision of the Michal Sela Forum: to save lives through creating a new ecosystem of  startups and technological ideas to prevent and combat domestic violence.

Rooftop members met with Cecile Blilious, Head of Impact and Sustainbility at Pitango, 

Darya Henig Shaked, founder of WeAct Ventures and a specialist in women's entrepreneurship, Adi Soffer Teeni, CEO of Meta Israel, Hila Himi-Alpert, CEO of Discount Capital.

In addition, Rooftop members participated in a prestigious event hosted by More Investment House Ltd., where they were able to present and mingle with investors.



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