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The Michal Sela forum for startups closes its cycle: what is the goal in 2030?

The startups of the Michal Sela Forum were established by male and female entrepreneurs who decided to take action and develop a technological solution to prevent domestic violence. Some of the teams are led by women survivors of violence, who chose to turn their personal and painful story into an innovative solution and project to save the lives of women trapped by violence. During the three months of the academy, the teams met weekly at the Google Tel Aviv campus, developed and promoted the life-saving startups.

From left to right: Yuval Passov - Head of Google for Startups, Noa Elefant Loffler - senior public policy manager at Google Israel, Yaakov Margi - Minister of Welfare, Barak Regev - CEO at Google Israel, Lili Ben Ami - CEO at the Michal Sela Forum.

Minister of Welfare Yaakov Margi said at the event: “The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security invests many resources in the fight against domestic violence, however, resource allocation is not the be-all and end-all. Fighting such a complex and silenced phenomenon also requires original and creative thinking. I am very happy that Israel’s technology community is led by Forum Michal Sela and Google took the lead and harnessed entrepreneurs and start-up companies to offer solutions from the world of technology.


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