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Relyon.AI. The app that uses your voice to protect you from danger.

Michal Sela was beaten and stabbed to death by her husband at home in the presence of their young daughter. Her horrific death in 2019 caused a public outcry in Israel and led to a wave of protests against domestic violence.

The murder led Lee Sharir-Dolev, now 27, to found a startup called

that assists people in distress. develops voice-based solutions based on machine learning for personal safety and emergency situations.

The idea for Relyon started as part of a the Michal Sela Safe@Home Hackathon and she even won second place at the competition! Michal Sela was an Israel woman who was brutally murdered by her husband in her own home with her baby daughter present. After the horrific tragedy, Michal’s sister, Lili Ben Ami founded the Michal Sela Forum. The Forum was established in order to save the life of the next Michal by combating domestic violence through innovation and technological solutions.


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