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Join The Michal Sela Forum in Breaking the Silence of the UN Women: #NOEXCUSE_FOR_SILENCE

As we approach the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25), the Michal Sela Forum is calling on UN Women to condemn the October 7th massacre, to release the hostages, and take immediate action.

This year, UN Women decided to launch an international campaign with the slogan #NOEXCUSE for violence against women and girls.

The Michal Sela Forum has decided to correct the UN Women's hashtag: #NOEXCUSE_FOR_SILENCE.

There is no excuse for silence against women and girls.

We will never forget and we will never be silenced. We will continue to listen to the voice of the victims, whose pain and dignity have been silenced and trampled on by the international organizations that chose to remain silent.



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