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The Michal Sela Forum

The Michal Sela Forum (MSF), a registered Israeli non-profit,  is dedicated to saving lives and combating domestic violence through innovation and technological solutions.

In October 2019, Michal Sela was brutally murdered in her own home at the hands of her husband. In May 2020, the Michal Sela Forum (MSF) was established in order to save the life of the next Michal. 
The MSF represents a revolutionary way of combating domestic violence through innovation and technological solutions. We promote out-of-the-box thinking, personal entrepreneurship, public awareness, and responsibility. Through interdisciplinary discourse we are building, from the ground up, a new ecosystem of start-ups to prevent violence against women. We are successfully harnessing senior industry, government, high-tech and counterterrorism experts to our cause. 
The language of violence is international. Our work has been presented at the UN in Geneva and New York, as well as in Australia, South America, and Europe. Our activity has been duplicated in South Africa and major media outlets have broadcast our message in the UK, Japan and China. 

Together we can revolutionize this field. 
Together we can ensure that Michal’s memory be a revolution. 
Our Staff

 Our Staff

Lili Ben Ami
MeyTal Greiver-Schwartz
Naama Yakuel Yacobson
Shani Fahjun CPA
Idit Codish
Director of Development & International Partnerships
Aurelie Ovadia
Ella Amitay
Project Manager
Michal Arditti Fishbein
Project Manager
Maayan Rashman
Activity Coordinator
Ophir Fleisher
Activity Coordinator
Sapir Elias
Content & Social Media Coordinator
Adi Laor
Project Coordinator
Maayan Chefetz
Lecture Coordinator
Relly Zur Schwartz
Board of Director
Chaya Gilboa
Board of Director
Dana Naor ADV.
Board of Director
Vered Perry, ADV.
Attorney General


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