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About the Marketplace

The Michal Sela Marketplace is a database allowing access to all the technological solutions and products throughout the world for women's safety. The database is an index, gathering a wide variety of technological solutions to prevent violence against women  in one convenient and user-friendly place.  Most of the products and services in the database can be downloaded through  the App Store or Google Play (if they have been validated). The Marketplace allows the public to upload new solutions, add user comments, rate the solution,  etc. The Michal Sela Marketplace is an initiative of the Michal Sela Forum, who remains responsible for operating it. .

The target audience of the marketplace is the public. Specific audiences include: victims or potential victims of domestic violence; predators who wish to rehabilitate themselves;  those close to victims or predators;  relevant authorities; entrepreneurs; health establishments; and research bodies.


Categories and tags: Solutions have been classified according to categories, tags (hashtags) and area of activity:

1. Classification according to categories of  need:

a. Emergency

b. Prevention

c. Reporting

d. Evidence collection

e. Children

f. Information

g. Support

2. Classification according to tags :

a. Chatbot

b. Distress button

c. Sexual violence

d. Economic violence

e. Games

f. Diary

g. Gaslighting

h. Establishment

i. Environment

j. Mental violence

k. Physical violence

l. Verbal violence


3. Classification according to geographic location:

a. Israel

b. International.


If a solution is not marked as "Israeli" it means that it is not active in the State of Israel; conversely,  if a solution is not marked as "international" it means that it is active only in the State of Israel.



Uploading solutions The Marketplace is a living database and  is constantly growing.  The Michal Sela Forum  invites the public to independently upload additional technological solutions, calling on entrepreneurs with technological solutions for women's safety to submit projects to the database and receive free advertising and exposure to their target audience. . Tested and approved solutions will be uploaded to the Marketplace. Answers regarding uploading a solution to the Marketplace will be delivered within 48 hours. Only apps that appear on Google Play or the App Store can be uploaded to the database since they have been validated by these platforms. For public questions, suggestions and inquiries please write to the Michal Sela Forum here. For questions from entrepreneurs regarding acceptance and increased promotion of the product in the database, please contact us here.


Background There is a range of apps throughout the world in the field of preventing violence against women: apps that call for help (panic buttons and sensors); apps to disguise correspondence; apps or websites designed for victims to ask for help; and many others. Most victims who are in, or have left, a toxic relationship (or are somewhere else on the continuum) do not know what solutions are out there and how to access them.  Before the Michal Sela Marketplace, existing solutions  were not accessible to most potential users, and there was no one place that consolidated the solutions.  In our research of app stores, we did not find a dedicated category for classification of apps in the field of IPV; most apps of this type are classified under different categories such as "lifestyle." Additionally, we discovered that the app stores do not see the need to establish a dedicated category for the field of women's safety.

Before building the Marketplace, the Michal Sela Forum undertook a thorough mapping of all the technological solutions that exist in the world in the field of IPV.  Following Michal Sela's  murder, her sister Lili Ben Ami collected and located dozens of existing technological solutions in the field. After founing the Michal Sela Forum, Ben Ami commissioned this  global mapping – the first of its kind in the world - in order to mark the starting point from which Michal Sela Forum would set out to achieve its mission.  Ben Ami turned to the Institute for National Security INSS, who she commissioned, together with the support of Bat Melech and the Jewish Federation of New York, who published  the mapping on April 20, 2021.  Subsequently, Adi Laor, a project manager of the Michal Sela Forum,  took over the establishment of the Marketplace. As part of her work, Laor conducted a mapping that included an examination of all the lists collected until then, including the aforementioned mapping, the TECH VS ABUSE study conducted in England (which also included an index of ventures as an Excel list) as well as an independent search in Hebrew, English and Spanish.   Multiple ventures that were invented and developed as part of the activities of the Michal Sela Forum, and in the Michal Sela Safe@Home hackathon, were also added to the Marketplace.


The Michal Sela Marketplace is a significant part in fulfilling the vision of the Michal Sela Forum since its establishment in 2020, whose central goal is to establish a new ecosystem of technological solutions to save lives and prevent violence against women in their own homes– the SafeTech Vertical. The Marketplace was launched on the Michal Sela Forum's website in February 2024 in Hebrew and English and includes 104 life-saving technological solutions.

Special Thanks

The Michal Sela Forum thanks Fiverr for their financial support in building the Marketplace. The Michal Sela Forum also thanks SAP, for helping to characterize  and build an initial demo site in 2023.

Important Information

Please note - the online products and services displayed on the "Michal Sela Marketplace" pages do not belong to the Michal Sela Forum (hereinafter "the association") nor do they operate on its behalf. The association does not own the rights to them, does not operate them and is not responsible for the reliability, legality or integrity of these products and services. Their use is usually subject to your independent contract with the party operating the service and will usually be subject to the online agreements that apply when using such products and services, such as the terms of use and the privacy policy. Important: You must exercise discretion before using any such tool, after examining its suitability for you and your needs. The association does not check or supervise these services and cannot guarantee their availability, content, or any other aspect involved. Any use of any of the services to which the page refers is your full and exclusive responsibility .

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